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Beneficial Techniques to Enhance the Agricultural Productivity

Throughout the history of agriculture, the main concerns of farmers have been regarding productivity and crop yield. Like what are the factors that can help the farmer achieve the highest yield per acre of land? This concern has even become more serious and relevant with the increasing worldwide population.

Throughout history, several efforts have been made to achieve the desired productivity. Now the emergence of new technologies has made it easy but there are a lot of challenges that have also emerged with it such as high population. However, this article is all about how the farmers can increase the crop yield using the latest technologies.

1. Quality seeds

The crops’ productivity is dependent significantly upon the quality of seeds used. Therefore, farmers need to purchase good quality seed at the best price possible. As the crop of good quality is always old for good market price. The farmers must be aware of the types of seed they use for producing crops. It is better to use certified seed which must be obtained from a reputed company.

Besides seed quality, seed treatment is another important domain which must not be neglected. Biological agents such as Bacillus subtilis and Trichoderma viride to mention a few protect the seed against many seedborne diseases which eventually result in the highest productivity.

2. Adequate Sowing Time and Methods

The right time of sowing is the key to achieving good crop production. However, the sowing time is never the same for every type of crop, instead, it varies. Some crops are sown in May or June hence called kharif crops, while others are sown in mid-November after monsoon rains thus called rabi crops. After the basic groundwork, the time of planting the seeds reaches which must be planted 3-4 times deeply as compared to the diameter of the seed and then cover the seed properly.

Make sure that the seed is not exposed to direct light. There are different techniques to help you with sowing practices. Farmers use tractors which you can get from Utility Compact Tractor Polk County WI. This is the best service for the farmers of Polk County (Florida), as they also help you achieve financial services from lenders for buying equipment.

3. Farm Irrigation

Crops need enough water to survive. However, the crops should not be over-watered as it may result in waterlogged conditions making the crops prone to many diseases. In some cases, it may result in the death of the plants. Therefore a sufficient amount of water should be given, as the plants need a different amount of water during phases of growth. The most ideal way to water crops is to use sprinklers so that you do not over-mortize the surface. Drip irrigation is the most used method among farmers nowadays.

4. Crop Protection

The farmer should always be vigilant about the signs of damage that can be due to weeds, nutritional deficiency, or even pest attacks. Therefore, proper sanitization must be done regularly by spraying appropriate pesticides and fungicides. If the crops are not properly managed, even a single weed can destroy the overall yield of crops by giving rise to many other weeds.




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