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4 Exceptional Ways to Make Your Windows Burglar-proof

Undoubtedly, burglars are known as opportunistic criminals. They take advantage of situations in which they can steal money, electronics, jewelry, or other valuable things more easily.

However, the question is how to prevent them from doing so. Don’t leave your home unprotected. To avoid theft, make your windows and doors burglar-proof.

In this solution-oriented blog post, we’ll discuss four exceptional ways to make your windows burglar-proof and prevent break-ins.

1.      Invest in Window Bars

One cost-effective solution for making your home burglar-proof is to consult with a window contractor to install bars on your windows’ exterior. Window bars contribute significantly to preventing would-be burglars from gaining access to the window and using it to open or break glass.

On the other hand, window bars are obtrusive that’s why the majority of people don’t want them to change the appearance of their homes or offices. So, what can you do if you want to avoid window break-ins without bars?

2.      Apply Security Films/Tints on Windows

If you’d like to prevent window break-ins but not by installing bars, then window security films or tints are another most sought-after choice for many security-conscious people. You just need to apply these films on your existing windows as they are tear-resistant and strengthen glass to avoid break-ins.

What’s more, they make your window hard to penetrate and slow burglars down. Not only that but also these window films or tints are often enough to make them give up and move on to any other easier target.

Among the major benefits of applying security films or tints on windows is that they can keep you and your loved ones safe and protected from UV rays and flying glass during natural disasters. If you are a business owner and want to reap all the mentioned benefits, then invest in commercial window tinting services.

3.      Fasten the Window Locks

Locking your windows would keep burglars out is a misconception. You might not notice that window locks protect your home or office from thieves. In fact, they can easily bypass even if you have fastened the window locks.

But, when it comes to installing secondary locks, there are wide-ranging options available to secure your windows.

Some of the most desirable lock options are pin locks and track locks. Pin locks have pins that slide into the window frame to keep the window closed. On the other hand, track locks have a clip on the track of sliding windows and doors to keep them open.

4.      Apply Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights aren’t a type of installation. They are a beneficial way to deter criminals from attempting to break in. Thieves preferably target homes because of their low visible areas. Therefore, neighbors and passersby can’t spot them.

If your home exterior is well-lit, burglars may see it as the most convenient yet prime target. Prefer to install floodlights with motion sensors at least 10 feet high. If you do so, burglars can’t reach them unless they are disabled.

When anyone walks nearby, these lights will automatically turn on and scare off anyone trying to enter your home.

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