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The Benefits and Applications of Drop Arm Turnstiles in Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are critical to most modern facilities, ensuring the effective and secure management of human traffic. Turnstiles are widely used as an essential component of access control systems. As an alternative to traditional physical barriers, drop arm turnstiles have emerged as a popular choice. Drop arm turnstiles operate with a drop-arm mechanism that enables smooth and efficient processing of individuals. This article will discuss the benefits and applications of drop arm turnstiles in Access Control Systems.

What are Drop Arm Turnstiles?

Drop arm turnstiles are access control gates that have a drop-arm mechanism that allows people to pass through smoothly. Drop-arm turnstiles are perfect for high-traffic areas where access control is a priority. These turnstiles work similarly to other access control turnstiles by preventing unauthorized access and allowing only authorized individuals to pass through.

Benefits of Drop Arm Turnstiles:

  1. Efficient Processing: One of the most significant benefits of using drop-arm turnstiles is its drop-arm mechanism. The technology of a drop-arm mechanism allows people to pass through quickly and smoothly, reducing waiting times and congestion around security points.

  1. Unobtrusive Design: Drop-arm turnstiles take up less space and require less setup time than other types of turnstiles. They have a sleek design that makes them suitable for any entrance. Drop-arm turnstiles are easy to install and can be incorporated into a range of existing access control systems.

  1. Customizable Access: Drop-arm turnstiles can be customized to suit the required applications in various facilities. Access control can be based on time schedules or other specific criteria. This customization also improves overall efficiency by ensuring access control rules fit the specific needs of the facility.

  1. Secure Access Control: Drop-arm turnstiles provide high levels of security for access control systems. They are especially helpful in preventing tailgating or piggybacking, where more than one person tries to enter through a single gate. Drop-arm turnstiles prevent unauthorized personnel from passing, ensuring that only authorized individuals can pass through.

Applications of Drop Arm Turnstiles:

  1. Office Buildings: Drop-arm turnstiles are commonly used in office buildings for access control systems. They are perfect for managing traffic in lobbies and entrances and provide a secure environment for employees and guests alike.

  1. Schools: Drop-arm turnstiles are also widely used in educational institutions to control classroom access, manage attendance records and promote traffic flow.

  1. Airports: Drop-arm turnstiles are ideal for airports, ensuring security checks are thorough to prevent unauthorized access to critical areas, while also minimizing delays.

  1. Sports and Entertainment Venues: Drop-arm turnstiles are perfect for managing entry into sports and entertainment venues. They help regulate traffic flow into stadiums, ensuring proper ticket validation while preventing ticket fraud.


Drop-arm turnstiles have emerged as a popular choice for access control systems in modern facilities. They offer a wide range of benefits, including efficient processing, unobtrusive design, customizable access and secure security control. They can be used in a variety of applications, such as office buildings, educational institutions, airports, and sports and entertainment venues. In conclusion, drop-arm turnstiles are a viable option for facilities seeking to optimize their traffic flow and security protocols while providing an unobtrusive and customizable solution that fits their specific needs.

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