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Special Summer Festival Tours: Some Ideas

The summer months in Japan are celebrated with fireworks, festivals, and other fun outdoor events. During the summer, much of Japan has high temperatures and high humidity. To escape the stifling heat, many locals go for cooler areas near the lake or higher in the mountains. In the nights, locals and visitors alike gather for centuries-old festivals, fireworks displays, and traditional performances of song and dance.

Much of Honshu and Kyushu experience scorching temperatures and suffocating humidity throughout the summer months. Pack plenty of lightweight, breathable clothing.

In the middle of the month of August, Japanese citizens go back to their childhood homes to celebrate the Obon rituals with their relatives. At this time of year, people all around the world celebrate their own distinct holidays and customs in their own unique ways.

During the hot summer months, nothing beats a meal of yakiniku BBQ, a bowl of chilled somen noodles, and a frosty beer. Give in deliberately. For the summer festival tours you can expect the best.

Get up on top of Fuji-san.

Mt. Fuji is the most well-known peak in Japan, so it’s no surprise that hikers from all over the world go there every summer to attempt to summit it. Hikers start their climb to the summit at the break of dawn to see the sun rising over the Pacific. There seems to be no limit to the quantity of travelers. You should nonetheless take the time to carefully plan out your dates and timeline even if seasoned mountaineers do not consider climbing Mount Fuji to be one of the more difficult treks. Since the climbing season is brief, housing arrangements should be made in advance. The season typically begins the first week of July and ends the first week of September.

Watch a spectacular fireworks show.

In the United States, fireworks are often used during the summer months of July and August. Large groups of partygoers expect to see a spectacular spectacle during these celebrations since their firepower dwarfs that of other demonstrations. Plan your trip around one of the many internationally recognized events that this country regularly plays home to.

Over the course of two days, the Nagaoka Matsuri in Niigata Prefecture normally has over 20,000 explosions and is widely considered to be one of Japan’s top three greatest fireworks displays. Visitors from all over the world gather on the Shinano River’s banks during the first week of August to enjoy the spectacular spectacle.

Get in the water and cool down for a while.

Exciting water sports and recreational activities abound in Japan, from secluded river valleys in the mountains to white-capped waves crashing onto sunny beaches. Paddle a kayak or float down a river on a raft in the mountains of Yamanashi Prefecture. You may enjoy windsurfing on the beautiful Kanagawa beaches outside of Tokyo. Explore the additional waves of Chiba, Wakayama, and Miyazaki prefectures. Off the coast of Okinawa and the other islands, you may go snorkeling or scuba diving.


Traditional summer festivals provide visitors an authentic glimpse into the culture of the area. There are annual festivals that are completely unique to each community in the United States. Traditional mikoshi floats, dances, and costumes, as well as plenty of food and drink, are all part of these celebrations. If you want to fit in and get a feel for the local culture, join in the celebrations.

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