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How to Design the Perfect eBook Cover Design at Home?

Designing your own eBook Cover Design is fairly simple. All you would like maybe a little creativity and a computer. you’ll design exceptional e-book covers during a pinch and upload them for books that are sold in top e-book stores everywhere on the planet, like in Barnes and Noble or Amazon Kindle.

The best part is that you simply don’t get to know complex image manipulation software to try to do so – all you would like is Microsoft PowerPoint. Here may be a step-by-step guide that will assist you to create your own covers for any e-book you want:

– Find Microsoft Works on your start menu and choose PowerPoint.

– Once you decide on PowerPoint, attend the planning tab. Once the planning menu is open, find the slide orientation option, then select “portrait” for your slide design.

– attend the Insert tab, and choose the image. flick through the photographs in your picture library and find the acceptable .jpg image that you simply would want to use on your cover.

– Select the image Tools mode, which exposes automatically after you upload a picture. It allows you to ‘bleed’ the photo from the sides of the duvet.

This is done by dragging the boxes on the sides of the photo to the edges. the image tool mode is often turned on and off by clicking on the image selected for your slide cover.

– Select the Format tab. you’ll find it within the picture tools mode box. The format tab will provide you with several tools that assist you to enhance your photo and make working with it easy.

If you would like your photo to function as the background for the title of your e-book and therefore the name of the author, then you’ll simply click on the ‘send to back’ option.

This option is often found within the ‘arrange’ section of your format tab.

The text boxes allow you to format your title alongside the name of the author and any subtitles available on the text. you’ll move the text boxes anywhere on the elapse dragging them along.

– When this is often done, select the planning tab again to settle on the theme of your text.

– you would like to pick an appropriate design for your eBook Cover Designer. If your e-book is formal, like a handbook or text for something academic, persist with the Office Classics theme fonts which feature text styles like Calibri, Arial, and Times New Roman.

– you’ll add variation by bolding, italicizing, and underlining these fonts for subheadings or other text.

– PowerPoint also allows you to add shadows to your fonts. you’ll experiment with fonts if your e-book has an off-the-cuff theme but confirm that your font choices are consonant, otherwise, the e-book cover design will look too chaotic.

– to form your fonts stand out against an event background, attend the house tab to vary the color of the font. White usually looks good against darker picture backgrounds, which you’ll superimpose with other lighter colors like yellow and red for emphasis.

When you are through with the planning you’d got to find out how to convert your Microsoft PowerPoint slide into a .jpg image, which may function your e-book cover. First, you save the slide as a PowerPoint slide. Then you follow these steps:

– Select the file icon on the highest left of the menu and choose “Save As”.

– When your “Save As” option is open, select “other formats” within the drop-down box when it opens.

– Click the arrowhead that points downwards on the far right side of the box that says “Save as Type” and alter the choice from “PowerPoint Presentation” to “JPEG File Interchange Format”

– then click on “Save this File”.

Your image is now an ideal to protect an e-book.

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