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6 Healthy Snacks To Pack When You Are Travelling

Thinking of hitting the roads? Well, that looks like an excellent plan during the summers but have you added food to your packing list. Yes, snacks that can help you to be in a good state and avoid your extra cravings. Snacks that will keep you fit even on long days.

Packing your own food while travelling may sound silly, but if you wish to meet your eating goals, then you need to avoid junk anyways. Most travellers avoid packing their own food, thinking that the food available in local stores will benefit them. Still, they forget while travelling, they might be tempted to sugary, fried snacks that may cause severe problems in their journey.

When travelling with kids of the family, they may clamour for food, resulting in you placing an order for cake delivery in Gorakhpur or other cities wherever you are travelling to. It’s not easy to fulfil the commitment of healthy living, but you need to put efforts to do so.

Therefore, here, we have curated 6 healthy snacks that you can adjust in your backpack. They will help you to be high on energy and will keep you fit during travelling also.

Spiced Peanuts

If you want to add something spicy to your travel bag, then these protein-rich peanuts tossed in spices looks like a beneficiary snack while you travel. Spiced peanuts can be cooking in 30 minutes, but if you want them to last long, then put them in an airtight container or bag that is portable to use. Also, it is a good holiday food gift to present to someone. Just cook them, place them in a beautiful jar and add a ribbon to it. It is done.

Low-Fat Banana Muffins

You need something sweet but don’t want sugar in it and want that while travelling too, you do not feel the need to consume sugar. Then these low-fat banana muffins that last long and keep your tummy full for good hours will definitely work. They are high on stress-reducing potassium, which can act as a win-win situation for you. It smells so good when in the oven and is a favourite of all. If you want to add more potassium and fibre to it, then add raising on the topic and experience the aroma you might have missed for a long time.

Cucumber and Mint Sandwich

Perfect snack for travelling, no? See, you might take sweet bread, sandwich bread or brown bread, it doesn’t matter, but the ingredients you use inside them do. Cucumber is the best source of water inside the body. It keeps you hydrated, and the mint keeps the freshness alive. Kids while travelling want something fancy. Therefore, this sandwich can be the best snack to help them to be healthy while travelling. It is easy to prepare and lasts long.

Dried Apple Chips

Too much diet snack, no? But, when you travel, you need such dried snacks that don’t contain oil or have a chance of getting ruined too early. Easy to make snacks are liked by a majority of people then they might be kids or adults. This easy snack can be made in the oven and looks promising and healthy to eat. This yummy dehydrated food treat can be a good source of vitamins needed in the body.

Cheese Popcorn

Do not go for the packaged cheese popcorns, which might contain ingredients you might not be apple to pronounce. Instead, cook the popcorns at home with real cheese cheddar that will make your journey flavourful. It takes a few minutes to cook, and if you have seen, cheese popcorns last long if packed in an airtight box or bag.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs are a good source of protein, and taking eggs with you will help you eat less and have more energy in your journey. This might not be the fancy food you expect, but 25% of your body can gain protein through them. You can have it whenever you like, and this will refill the energy in you and boost you to be more productive while you travel.


We hope you actually pack these snacks and keep your waistline trim and body healthy. Do not compromise with food whenever it is possible because it might break your resolution of staying fit and fabulous. Even while you are travelling around the world, you need to remember the promise you made to yourself. Therefore, pack healthy snacks for your journey and experience the utmost happiness when you return and check your weight.

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