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6 Best Gadgets to Upgrade Your Pet Room.

Most people don’t consider their animals as just pets, but rather family members. Owners strive to give their pets the best quality of care, and from this the concept of a pet room has soared in popularity. A private enclave for your cat or dog, pet rooms feature all the necessities to keep a pet, from storage needs, to feeding stations and most obvious, a bed. Made to fit custom needs, pet rooms are designed for your loved animal to enjoy a signature lifestyle and become accustomed to their every need being met.

In the modern world, technology is so advanced that we are now able to use gadgets to make life easier and more fun. Following this are the introduction of pet gadgets: technological devices purely to serve the purpose of our pets. So, if you’ve got a beloved pet and you’re wondering ‘how can I upgrade their room?’, here at We Buy Any House have complied the top 6 gadgets to upgrade your pet room.

  1. Smart Feeder:

Although it’s a necessity that your animal has access to food and water, sometimes it can seem like a chore for us pet owners, either that or we are distracted. To ensure your pet has access to the nutrients it needs, a smart feeder is perfect. The device assesses dietary requirements of your animal and creates a custom feeding regimen- and is suitable for both cats and dogs. It provides an alert when your pet has been fed via an app, where you can also track your pet’s calorie intake.

  1. Train ‘n Praise Potty System:

Any animal owner understands that training the toilet habits of your cat or dog can be tricky. To make your lives easier, introduce the Train ‘n Praise Potty Training System. The device uses a detector to alert when moisture touches the pad, and an internal sensor sends an electronic signal to treat the dispenser- all done seamlessly. It allows your floors to stay clean and your pet to learn through positive reinforcement.

  1. Pet Cameras:

Mischief is always a factor when it comes to pets. Whether they’re old or young, animals love to play- and sometimes at the owner’s inconvenience. Animal camera’s, which work similarly to baby or nanny cams, are great for keeping an eye on your pet around the house and when they’re home alone. This simple yet effective gadget also enables you to communicate via a speaker from your smartphone, so if your pet suffers from separation anxiety then this is perfect.

  1. Smart Water Fountain:

A normal water bowl will do the job, but why not have an automatic fountain for your pet to drink out of? Capable of holding a higher capacity of water, the fountain quietly dispenses water in various modes of flow, from bubbling to a stream etc. They also come in playful designs such as flowers and bees.

  1. Power Pet Automatic Door:

An automatic pet door allows you to keep your pet room private without restricting your animal’s access. Unlike traditional pet doors, the Power Pet automatic door reacts to the sensor implemented into your animal’s collar- this way the door can be triggered open. The varying sizes and interval settings means the device can be customised to your desire.

  1. Automated Litter:

A gadget for the cat lovers, is the litter robot. The task of cleaning a cat little is never enjoyable, so using this device means that you’ll never have to scoop your cat’s tray again. The machine works by detecting when the litter is full using sensors, and from there the tray will rotate to sift the clean litter from the dirty- which will drop into a liner underneath and need to emptied weekly. There is also a setting to add a cleaning cycle to start the minute the cat leaves the tray- a great way to remove any foul odours from your pet’s room.

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