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3 Internet Speed Testing Apps You Can Trust!

You know you’re stuck with a slow internet connection when your video won’t stop buffering. The resolution quality goes down, the website you visit takes forever to load, and your online game keeps lagging. It’s not a pretty picture. It’s frustrating and drives us nuts. The quality of your online experiences depends on how fast the connection is. Knowing your internet speed is one way to know so.

Thanks to technological development, we can access millions of tools, apps, and resources online with a single click. There’s an app for everything now. Every modern-day problem comes with a modern-day solution, so we have apps that test our internet speeds and tell us so much more about our internet connection. We’ve rounded up a few internet speed testing apps that allow us to learn more about the speeds we’re getting.

The internet speed test tells you about your network’s download and upload speeds along with latency. Pretty much everything you need to know to know why your connection may be slowing down.

  • The download speed highlights the speed you’re getting to carry out internet activities like social media browsing; the loading of the web pages, games, movies, files, and video downloads. It highlights the speed of everything you’re downloading. It’s the speed that is usually advertised on internet plans.
  • The upload speed highlights the speed you’re uploading things at or anything that requires data transfer like calls, messages, posts, file sharing, etc.
  • Latency is all about responsiveness. Low latency means a shorter time is taken for the data to go back and forth between devices and it’s ultimately what matters when you’re picking an internet plan for online gaming.

Now that you know what a speed test tells you about your internet connection, let’s get right into it and share the best speed internet testing apps we’ve found to work perfectly at home.

  • Meteor

A multifunctional speed testing app that can test your internet speed across different networks? Yes please! Meteor is an ideal app that deserves a spot on your phone because it can tell you how you’re your internet speed is when you’re connected to either Wi-Fi, 3g, 4g, or 5g. But that’s not all it does. It allows the user to test their internet speeds on different apps like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Spotify to learn where exactly they’re getting the highest bandwidth. You can do so much with the detailed reports you receive of your network speed and performance on this app. Moreover, you can always go back to past tests to compare your network performance.

  • Ookla Speedtest

A favorite choice of Android and iOS users, Ookla Speedtest is an app that is simple and minimalistic, yet power-packed with great features and tools that test your network performance, speed, jitter, and latency the best. The detailed reports of your speed and performance also tell you how speed has a direct impact on your streaming and browsing experience, particularly video resolution, web page loading time, and buffering.

The reports also visualize the test by sharing graphs that highlight the consistency and reliability of your internet connection. For access to advanced features and more insights with VPN, you can always bump up to a premium version of the app.


Another app that has been providing impressive test runs and results is V-SPEED. It’s not only designed to run internet speed tests. You also configure advanced settings; find coverage maps of multiple networks, pick from a variety of test servers, and much more. The neat and sleep interface makes it super easy to understand and use.

To Wrap it Up

There’s not a single modern-day internet user on the planet who appreciates slow internet speeds. It’s frustrating to deal with but figuring out the speed of your connection is likely to help you identify the problem and solve it once and for all. Try out these top 3 internet speed testing apps and bump up your home network quickly and easily. These apps will help you determine the speed your devices are receiving, and also help you get an idea of what to fix.

Signing up with EarthLink Internet is a fast way of downloading these apps. The EarthLink support team will help you pick the best plan and service so you’re never dealing with a snail-speed connection ever again!

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