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My computer is slow - The PC Advice

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The computer may be slow for many reasons. There’s
1. The computer may be slow for additional dust-sand. The opening of the CPU, but at least once a month to clean dust.
2. The PC may be slow due to the virus. The regular virus scans.
3. C drive all over the place can be filled if the PC is slow. Keep unnecessary data on the C drive to another drive.
4. Install or uninstall the application, the PC is too slow to go slowly. So needless to refrain from any software installation.

if overheating laptop what can i do? - The PC Advice

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Laptop computers are generally warmer than the place where the lower part of the right touch of something else to do to keep the laptop in such a way. If you get the chance to move out hot. Do not put anything in front of the laptop cooling fan, so that the air is interrupted. No other electrical equipment around laptops not a good idea. And the best is if you can use a laptop cooler.

To do works without mouse in Firefox - The PC Advice

bdconet bdconet (#30) 306 days ago Computer firefox addons firefox tips internet browser tip All   Discuss  | Add To 
Sometimes, mouse is to be inactive due to VIRUS. But firefox users can browse internet without mouse. For this, “ mouseless” program have to be download from http// addons. Now restart firefox. Number will come beside right side of every link which was shown at internet. Now press together mouselesss browsing option (ctrl+shift+Alt+M). At last, set the key as your wish.

To Change icon in Desktop - The PC Advice

bdconet bdconet (#30) 306 days ago Computer change icon change desktop All   Discuss  | Add To 
For changing icons font, at first right click on empty place of desktop then go to properties. Click on advance from appearance.

All Works Done by One Click - The PC Advice

bdconet bdconet (#30) 306 days ago Computer one click setup one click All   Discuss  | Add To 
Normally, it is to double click whenever we open the file or folder.But there is a option in windows XP which is used to open file or folder with one click.
What is

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